Call-back tech keeps web shoppers in the loop – in real time

Leadcall has unveiled new customer call-back technology designed to help online travel agents improve their customer service and reduce attrition rates.

The technology helps customers to monitor the progress of call-back requests made through a website, providing real-time updates from the moment the request is placed and indicating which consultant will be in contact.

The system also issues a feedback prompt when the call is concluded.

Leadcall said the technology has been developed to address concerns about instant messaging solutions that rely on the quality of the customer’s hardware and the strength of their internet connection.

Leadcall director Scott Reid said the service reassures customers that they are not being ignored.

“Working with some of the biggest players in online travel in the UK, we know how demanding holidaymakers can be. Our checkout visibility tools have made it clear the amount of questions and issues that arise when customers are trying to book a holiday online.

“We wanted to develop a solution to provide immediate personal support with as little effort to the end user as possible.

“Experience has taught is that telephone contact is the most personal and effective way to provide quality customer service, and has the fastest resolution time compared to other mediums.

“A travel advisor can quickly get to the root of the problem rather than forcing the customer to trawl endless pages of help and FAQs for the answers they require.”

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