TripAdvisor hits 50m review mark

TripAdvisor has reached a milestone of attracting 50 million reviews – double the level just two years ago.
Established in December 2001, the travel review site reached one million reviews by January 2005. This grew to 10 million in 2007 and 25 million by July 2009.

The company claims to feature more user-generated content than any other travel site. TripAdvisor says it publishes 25 new contributions every minute from a global community of more than 20 million users.

The most reviewed property in the world is the Luxor Las Vegas, currently with more than 6,100 write-ups.

Founder and CEO Steve Kaufer said: “When we first launched TripAdvisor we knew there would be an appetite among travellers for honest reviews written by real people.

“Eleven years later, we are tremendously proud to have reached 50 million reviews and opinions which help over 40 million travellers a month around the world plan and experience the perfect trip.

“TripAdvisor has tremendous user loyalty and this is largely due to the freshness of content added to the site every day by our passionate community.”

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