TagMan rolls out new version after Travelocity trial

TagMan is set to roll out a new faster version of its tag management technology following a successful trial with Travelocity.

TagMan v3 has been updated with features to speed up the loading of tracking tags, an issue raised by 70% of digital marketers in a new study by the company.

According to TagMan the new version allows third-party tags to be loaded sequentially, saving time, and for slow loading tags to be ‘killed’.

This will help websites to more effectively track digital campaigns and speed up the loading of their sites. The TagMan study showed 81% of digital marketers are “concerned or very concerned” about page load times.

Most e-commerce sites have between five and seven tags per page, according to TagMan, with some taking up to a quarter of a second to load. TagMan said research by Forrester has shown a 40% abandonment rate for sites if loading takes three seconds or more.

William Beckler, marketing analytics manager at online travel giant Travelocity, said: “We chose TagMan as our global tag management provider because site performance and flexibility really matter to us.

“The tag acceleration promise is certainly compelling and we look forward to seeing how we can leverage these new techniques, along with the other new TagMan v3 features, across our global properties.”

TagMan chief executive and founder Paul Cook said: “We have completely rethought how we load scripts based on extensive research and over four years of experience deploying over 180 technologies across our global client base.”

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