HRS Chrome app features 250,000 hotels and Street View

Hotel portal HRS has launched a web app for Google internet browser Chrome.

The free app gives Chrome users access to the more than 250,000 hotels featured by HRS.

It includes a local hotel search with maps and a search panel to filter the range of hotels. The app also features guest reviews, detailed descriptions of hotels and photos and videos. Users can also integrate Google Street View.

Registered business travellers can access corporate discounts of up to 30% on the price that day, said HRS.

The company’s chief executive Tobias Ragge said: “We’re delighted to be among the first in the travel industry to create an app specifically for Google Chrome. With just one click, the app opens the doors of more than a quarter of a million hotels.”

Chrome has 120 million internet users – a worldwide share of 12.5%.

Users can install the app from the Chrome web store.

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