Appi Holidays bids to remove ‘limitations’ of product search

New app and website Appi Holidays is working to improve the travel search experience by de-emphasising ‘default criteria’ such as destination.

The website and app start users off with a wide range of criteria rather pushing them through a traditional funnel that begins with destination or duration.

For example, visitors could search for a beach holiday with a pool and air conditioning that is no more than four hours from London by air.

Alan Kersley, Appi Holidays’ managing director, said: “All competitors at the moment tend to have very narrowing search protocols; often your first step is to select a destination and then the app/website starts narrowing by cost.”

“Appi Holidays doesn’t limit your search using any default criteria – the entire search engine is bespoke to the customer’s needs at the moment of searching. Not only does it save users time and hassle, it produces results based on quality and appropriateness, rather than price.”

Once a user has found a holiday they add it to their wish list, email it to a friend or request a call back. If they choose the third option, the lead is sent to the company offering the holiday.

All content is supplied by a number of specialist tour operators who pay to have their products featured.

The goal is to provide a level playing field on which content on which independent agents and operators compete on an equal footing with larger competitors. The app is set to launch this August.

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