Rooms double as private boats in floating hotel concept

A new type of hotel may one day allow travellers to float their room to a new location every night. Serbian architect Ivan Filipovic has invented a floating hotel designed to be built on the Adriatic Sea.

Each of the hotel’s 22 rooms can break away from the main hotel and be driven around like a boat, allowing guests to explore the surrounding area freely.

Rooms will detach from the hotel and float freely

This new concept, dubbed a “botel” by its creator, would have a lobby, reception, bar and restaurant surrounded by a covered outer deck and multipurpose terrace, which has a swimming pool, nightclub and dance floor.

Individual rooms would come with solar cells to power the drive motors. They would also have GPS units to help keep track of guests who stray too far. Pods would also be able to return to base automatically at the push of a button, or be controlled remotely by hotel staff..

Filipovic also envisions the pods being able to dock with other modules such as a helicopter pad or tennis court.

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