Engineers develop ‘bomb-proof’ baggage hold for jets

Engineers at Sheffield University are testing a bomb-proof baggage hold that could render current heavy luggage containers obsolete.

The Fly-Bag, which is designed to hold passenger luggage on aircraft, is made of layer upon layer of fabric and composite.

It also has an internal elastomeric coating, making it extremely stretchy. The fabric of the Fly-Bag has been coated in a shear thickening fluid, helping it provide protection from explosions.

In simple terms, this is something that normally behaves like a liquid but, when put under pressure, acts like a solid. So far, the team of engineers have built a bag that can withstand the impact of a bomb similar in size to the one that brought down Pan Am flight 103 in the Lockerbie disaster of 1988.

The Fly-Bag’s creators plan to discuss the technology with airlines after tests have established exactly how much protection it can provide.

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