Orbitz launches new flash sale site

Orbitz.com has announced the launch of a member’s-only flash sale site called Inside Steals.

Each week, the site will offer its members discounts of 50% or more on hotels in destinations like Las Vegas, New York, Dublin, Orlando, Cancun and Hawaii.

The deals will be good for 72 hours giving customers the chance to take advantage of some of the best deals on Orbitz.com.

“Orbitz hotel market managers are scouring their destinations to help our members score exclusive, half price deals on high-end hotels around the world,” said Peggy Bianco, group vice president, hotel supplier services at Orbitz Worldwide.

“Our participating hotel partners recognise the limited-time, members-only aspects of the Orbitz ‘Insider Steals’ opportunity, and are willing to offer extremely attractive rates in exchange for broad email promotion to millions of Orbitz members.”

This new flash sale model bypasses companies like Groupon that have pioneered the sector, allowing Orbitz to target people only interested in travel.

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