Ritz-Carlton brings concierge tips to Foursquare

Hotel group Ritz-Carlton has teamed up with location-based social networking site Foursquare to provide concierge tips and advice to its followers.

Ritz-Carlton has compiled hundreds of insights for 25 countries that will appear under ‘Tips’ or ‘Notifications’ when a Foursquare user checks in nearby.

Ritz-Carlton on Foursquare

Chris Gabaldon, chief sales and marketing officer of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, said the service is mainly targeted at current customers, but that he believes it will give others a taste of the wealth of knowledge concierges provide.

“Guests of The Ritz-Carlton have always enjoyed the expertise of concierges who are the best in the business. Their local knowledge, VIP access and incomparable contacts make them an invaluable resource for travellers”, Gabaldon said.

“Starting today, Foursquare users across the globe are invited to access knowledge and valuable tips just by following The Ritz-Carlton on Foursquare. For the first time ever, the collected local knowledge of The Ritz-Carlton is available in your pocket.”

To access the concierge service on Foursquare, users can simply visit Ritz-Carlton’s profile.

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