Zero emissions rocket plane debuts in Paris

A new zero emissions hyper plane may one day carry passengers between Paris and Tokyo in only 2.5 hours. The Zehst rocket plane, which debuted at the Paris Air Show, is currently just a concept, but its designers at EADS hope it will be breaking records by 2050.

When built, the plane will be able to cruise at speeds around 3,125 mph while flying at a heady 32 kilometres above the ground. The planes unique propulsion system will be a jet rocket hybrid.

During takeoff and landing the plane would use biofuel made from seaweed. Once it had gained altitude, it would switch to rockets powered by hydrogen and oxygen.

These would be completely eco-friendly. In fact, their only by-product would be water. The plane will carry between 50 and 100 very wealthy passengers.

According to the Telegraph, the estimated cost of a ticket between London and New York would cost around £5,000. EADS said they hope to have a prototype of the plane built by 2020 and put it into service by 2050.

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