Computer problems leave United and US customers stranded

United Airlines and US Airways were resuming normal operations yesterday (Sunday) after computer outages caused the cancellation and delay of flights over the weekend.
A five-hour outage forced United to ground 16 flights on Friday and around 25 on Saturday. About 100 flights worldwide were delayed. As of Sunday afternoon, United did not expect additional delays, United spokesman Charles Hobart said. “We continue to accommodate the affected customers and are returning to normal operations,” Hobart added.
The computer troubles stranded thousands of passengers and created long queues at check-in at Chicago’s O’Hare International and Denver International, two of United’s largest hubs.
A spokesman for Chicago-based United said hackers were not involved. US Airways said flights at its Charlotte hub in North Carolina were back to normal yesterday afternoon after a computer outage that began at 7.50am that morning. The computer problems were not resolved for about three and a half hours but no flights were cancelled.

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