Who’sMyGuide helps travellers find the right guide

Who’sMyGuide is working to create a free directory that will connect travellers with guides.

The service, which launched in beta in late May, allows people to book directly according to specific locations, activities or languages spoken.

The guides are grouped into eight different categories: culture, nature, mountain, water, gastronomy, extreme, fishing, and drivers. Each guide also has their own personal profile on the website.

That helps users compare individual guides based on their qualifications, experiences and past clients’ feedback.

Gregoire Blond, co-founder of Who’sMyGuide said: “It is easy to book a flight ticket or hotel, but to find a guide is difficult and often requires going through an intermediary. That is a waste of time and money for both guides and travellers”

The company is currently working on the site in preparation for a launch this September.


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