Bosses embrace technology but still like print for news

Almost three quarters of business leaders still prefer to read printed news when travelling, despite embracing a range of technologies when in the office, a new poll shows.

The research also found that technology cannot replace business travel entirely, with 95% stating it was still important or very important to meet face-to-face. The study on behalf of private jet booking network found that 74% of UK business leaders are sticking to old habits when it comes to receiving news on the move.

When asked about their use of technology to conduct business, 63% said they use webcams and video calls, with 56% adopting internet telephony such as Skype. Instant messaging is used by 36% of business leaders, while 17% said they used social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo to conduct meetings.

The majority also embrace more established business technologies such as email (98%) and conference calls (86%). But when they are on the move, just a quarter of executives catch up on news using a digital device such as an iPad, iPhone or laptop.

The majority express a clear preference for paper-based news and information when travelling. The poll covered 105 CEOs, managing directors and chairmen of companies with turnover of more than £100 million. chief executive Adam Twidell said: “Enhancing business travel efficiency is a key priority for today’s busy executive, whether in choosing time-saving transport or using technology to reduce diary overload.

“However, it’s clear that business leaders like to mix the old with the new. There are times when only a handshake and eye-to-eye contact will do – and for news on the move, the traditional newspaper is evidently still king.”

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