Travel Buddy offers date-specific data capture through diary tool

Mobile travel content provider Travel Buddy has revealed new travel diary functionality that allows travel companies to provide customers with targeted, personalised information and deals.

The firm has also created a widget for firms to place on their sites to take advantage of the traffic that comes to them, but does not necessarily convert to a booking.

Mobile Travel Diary allows customers to upload the details of their trip and then sends information by SMS and email, including links to relevant, date-specific content.

Adam Winterflood, Travel Buddy managing director, said: “Lots of people have mobile guides, but it’s just data pulled from websites and it’s not built for mobile.

“We have a team of editors and a CMS that makes sure all the content is date-related, so we can create a personalised travel diary.”

Winterflood said the white-label mobile travel diary can be fully branded to suit the needs of the firm offering the service.

It can either be bundled up as part of the range of services the firm offers, or made available standalone for a small charge.

The travel diary widget is implemented using a simple piece of code that, according to Travel Buddy, ‘even a junior programmer’ could add to a firm’s website.

Winterflood said this was designed to allow websites to benefit from the 95% of traffic that does not convert.

“You can get people to sign up while they are researching, even if they are not booking yet, and you can capture their details,” he said.

The travel diary takes the Travel Buddy product to the next stage of development from the SMS-based communication and information services it has offered to date.

Travel Buddy believes it offers its commercial partners a valuable service for their customers and also a potential new revenue-raising stream due to the ability to offer targeted deals while customers are planning their trip and when on holiday.

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