Mobile and ‘virtualisation’ key to hotel growth, finds Amadeus

A new report from Amadeus claims that ‘virtualisation’ and mobile technology will provide the best opportunities for hotels in the next three years.

The findings, which were released today, show that 19.5% of hotel search queries are on mobile devices. Amadeus predicts that 29.7 million people will be using mobile search for travel in 2012.

With more people using more devices, it is important to understand both the potential problems and opportunities this creates for hotels. The major problems outlined in the report are aging IT infrastructure, low budgets and a disconnect between business and technology priorities.

To correct these, Amadeus recommends creating an ‘IT pathfinder’ familiar with both the business and technical problems faced by a hotel group. They can use their dual knowledge to identify the most pressing issues and create a solution.

The report identified inconsistent, patchwork IT infrastructure as a major expense and a liability. Rather than trying to maintain different systems and hardware for bookings and staff, Amadeus recommends trading in-house systems for cloud services.

It claims that this guarantees a virtually unlimited amount of computing power to handle the growing amount of online activity hotels handle, and minimises the amount of maintenance required on the part of the hotel.

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