‘WiFi rental’ service bids to beat data roaming fees

A new rental service for smartphones and ‘pocket WiFi hotspots’ is promising to end European roaming charges.

Customers who use a rented Tep smartphone or mobile WiFi device are only charged local prices for data usage and calls, rather than incurring huge roaming fees.

The company claims this can save customers up to 90% on their data roaming charges and can completely eliminate the need to pay for exorbitant hotel WiFi.

“At long last there is an alternative to the extortionately expensive mobile phone roaming charges and the hassle of finding WiFi internet connections abroad,” said Tep founder Tomas Mendoza. 

“No longer will travellers across Europe be held hostage by mobile phone operators making excessive profits out of the simple need of travellers to use their phones and stay connected.”  

Each Tep device comes with a prepaid envelope so it can be sent back from any post box. Currently the service covers 16 European countries and company officials say it is prepared to handle the summer travel season.

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