Google says demand surging for video advertising on partner sites

The number of video ads placed by Google on partner sites has doubled in the past year as the search giant pushes to expand display advertising.

Demand for video ads also has boosted Google’s AdMob network, which targets applications and websites on mobile devices.

Requests for the spots have grown an average of more than 70% month to month since last July, the company said.

Spending on video ads may grow 39% in the US this year, while the overall online ad market should grow 11%, according to research company EMarketer.

Google, which traditionally has gleaned much of its video advertising from its YouTube unit, aims to benefit from new online ad formats to sustain sales growth against competition from Apple and Facebook.

Google video advertising director Mike Steib told Bloomberg: “The audience has fragmented.

“It is harder and harder for an advertiser to reach their audience as effectively and as fully as they have in the past unless they embrace video advertising across all kind of devices and across all kinds of content channels.”

The proliferation of online videos has conditioned consumers to watch advertising clips, driven by faster internet connections on desktops and smartphones, Steib added.

Advertisers that want to reach users who are watching less television need to market online, he said.

“For advertisers, online video has to be a part of the overall online media mix. People who are watching video online are much more likely to have broadband, much more likely to have a computer, much more likely to have a high-end cell phone – which all means they’re more likely to have higher income, higher level of education. They tend to be a little bit younger.”

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