Intrepid Travel relaunches website

Adventure tour operator Intrepid Travel has launched a new website using interactive maps and enhanced search functionality.

The new site – – will include in-depth information about each of its 400 trips around the world and an inspiration section for users looking for ideas for a holiday.

A user-generated feedback section has also been included for the first time.

The development follows a sustained effort to ramp up their web presence by a number of long-haul operators in the sector in recent months.

The Adventure Company was widely praised in June for the use of tools such as Google Earth on its website.

Intrepid is also looking to add a sustainability tool for users, so customers can assess the environmental impact of a holiday.

The company said: “Each trip has a physical and culture shock grading so that you can find out which trip best suits your travel requirements.”

Intrepid will continue to use it Intrepid Express opt-in email service, sent to users every week with ideas and news about its products.

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