Flight search add-on Invisible Hand nears 2m downloads

Flight and product search browser add-on Invisible Hand has announced it is nearing two million downloads.

The service, which works behind the scenes to help consuers find the best deals, has already been downloaded about 1.8 million times and Founder Robin Landy said he expects that number to grow rapidly.

“I think the whole area for buying travel online is ripe for being fixed, in that people searching for deals often end up with 20 tabs open looking for the same information,” Landy said.

“The information is always out there but it is always another search away. You always have to do another search to find the cheapest place to get a rental car or what hotel has Wi Fi. That is why people have to open so many tabs. Invisible Hand makes it easy by bringing the information directly to customers.”

Landy also hinted that Invisible Hand is looking at moving into hotel search and other travel-related categories. He said the success of the flight search add-on shows people are looking for a service like Invisible Hand to help sort out the huge amount of information surrounding travel search.

Currently, the company is looking into providing customers with reviews as well as fine-tuning their product comparison technology. 

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