Buckaroo set to shake up daily deals space

A new venture called Buckaroo could help travel businesses run highly targeted campaigns without sharing revenue.

The company, which is set to launch in the next few weeks, is a cloud-based system that helps small businesses to run their own deals service.

Buckaroo allows businesses to control their own email lists and transactions, and to set the terms of their promotions. That opens up the service to companies operating on thin margins, and gives deal providers a more direct channel to interact with customers than on competing services such as Groupon or Livingsocial.

“We are very focused on being hyper-local and the signups are 100% opt-in, so consumers are only going to be subscribing to merchants they have a particular interest in,” said Buckaroo co-founder Alan Fisher.

“If you are a motorcycle nut and subscribe to deals from various motorcycle shops, you are not going to get unsolicited emails advertising deals on nail salons or hair styling services that you would have no interest in. Ultimately, consumers only see things they like from merchants they want to hear from.”

Fisher said he hopes to be able to send deals out via Twitter and Facebook as well. Currently the company is signing up new companies and preparing for its official launch.

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