Over a third of Brits will stay in the UK this summer – poll

Over a third of Britons are not planning to travel outside the UK this summer, according to a study by Travelodge.

The hotel chain found 35% had made no plans to go abroad, citing rising living costs, government cutbacks and static salaries.

The study found that, on average, UK holiday makers plan to spend £422.69 on a weeklong vacation. That is down nearly £150 from last year.

Travelodge spokeswoman Shakila Ahmed said: “It has been a tough year for many British adults with rising household costs and government cutbacks, but our research shows that cash-strapped Britons are clinging onto their annual holiday; in order to add some cheer into their lives.”

“Due to hefty financial cutbacks, more Britons are opting for a Staycation this year, which is great news for the British tourism industry.”

The study found the top five British destinations for are:

 1. Cornwall
 2. The Lake District
 3. Devon
 4. London
 5. Edinburgh

The top domestic holiday categories were: 

 1. Seaside holiday (33%)
 2. City break (25%)
 3. Country break (22%)
 4. Visiting relatives (20%)
 5. Theme park holiday (10%)

The study predicts the British tourism industry will be boosted by £7.2 billion by this new influx of tourism.

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