Warsaw tops Hotels.com’s affordable luxury list

Warsaw has topped a Hotels.com index of the cities with the most affordable five-star hotels.

The Polish capital had five-star accommodation for just £75 a night. Coming in a close second was Marrakech, where a 9% price fall meant travellers could get a luxury room for £90 a night.

Other cities offering five-star hotels for under £100 per night were Budapest, Lisbon, Tallinn, Santiago, Jakarta, Buenos Aires and Guangzhou.

In contrast, the study found that the average five-star London hotel costs £212 per night.

Alison Couper, Global Communications Director of Hotels.com, said: “Those looking for the high life on a limited budget were able to find some superb deals in Europe, the Far East and South America in 2010.”

“Shopping around for the best bargain can definitely yield dividends and in some cases people can actually end up paying more for a room with a lower star rating. Many travellers may feel that five-star accommodation is out of their reach but the latest HPI figures show it pays to shop around.”

“Currency fluctuations, occupancy rates, local events or discounting by hoteliers can all play their part in price reductions for luxury rooms, sometimes in the most unexpected of places.”

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