tops the car hire charts in Greenlight study

The latest study of the car hire online market by Greenlight found was the most visible car hire company in natural search for January.

The site received 60% visibility from the 773,000 searches analysed and held the top position on Google for 110 keywords.

The price comparison site beat car rental specialist rivals, gaining 19% voice since October, with sector-specific price comparison site in second with 52% visibility.

There then followed a succession of supplier websites including, and

In paid search, took the top spot with 81% visibility. It has focused nearly all its efforts on paid search, investing very little in natural search or social media.

Taking second place in paid search was, with 52% visibility, followed by, and

The companies that integrated paid and natural search visibility most effectively were and, however, because of its high paid search visibility, took second place in the overall rankings behind

In the rankings for use of social media, came out top as the most followed car hire brand with 4,400 people between their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Coming in at second and third respectively were and Each had more than 1,000 social followers and engaged in regular tweeting.

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