mTROTTER seeks partners for door-to-door mobile app

Swedish firm mTROTTER has developed what it claims is the first fully door-to-door trip planning application for mobile phones and is looking for travel agents and other trade partners to partner with.

The service allows the user to plan their trip by inputting their exact home address and the address of their destination.

The technology then provides a full itinerary complete with walking times and routes, options for local public transport options and tips like what travellers can expect to pay in a taxi from the airport.

Emma Heimonen, chief executive of mTROTTER, said the technology has been just over a year i development and that it was now ready to go commercial.

She said the hard work had now been done and new destinations could easily be added to suit partners’ requirements.

“We believe we have taken quite a lot of steps forward with this taking the end user through every part of their journey from their own home to their destination.

“People are interested in when they have to leave home to catch their flight not just when the flight is due to leave. They want to know how much a taxi is going to cost and whether then can pay with cash or card.

“We are not a travel agency but we want to work with travel agencies. We have tested this with individual travellers and we know it bring value to their trips.”

As well as the trip information the application also includes information on the environmental impact of the users’ trip.

“This was a complex system to build, the tough part was building the core, but we have done the hard bit and now we are open to discussions commercially,” Heimonen said.

mTROTTER expects the system to appeal to business travel agencies in particular because the corporate’s travel policies can be managed through the application.

The system is also likely to appeal to hotels and airlines and could eventually be used to drive ancillary revenue through inputting offers and promotions.

There are similar trip building systems already out there like Rome2Rio but mTROTTER believes this offers the most comprehensive service and trip data.

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