Hilton to take lo-fi video strategy global

Quick, inexpensive videos are the perfect marketing tool for hotels, according to Hilton senior director of e-commerce EMEA Danny Barasso.

Speaking at the Travel Distribution Summit Europe 2011, Barasso said that the short video content the brand began producing in May 2010 has been so effective that it will be rolled out on a global scale over the next six months.

Hilton’s approach is to give each of its hotels two inexpensive Flip video cameras and encourage staff to film anything they think would be interesting to consumers. The footage is then given ‘minimal’ editing at a production house.

Barasso said: “In terms of the way forward for video content and the way consumers engage, I think it is safe to say that having rich content and video is the way consumers want to start engaging with brands. They want to really get to understand what you are about. Your products, your culture, your people.”

Barasso advised hoteliers moving into video to keep it regular, focusing on quantity rather than quality and ensuring clips are well optimised for maximum reach.

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