Onavo app ‘could reduce mobile data usage by 80%’

Mobile phone data compression company Onavo has launched its first iPhone app. The program was debuted at TheNextWeb Conference where it won Best Mobile app and the People’s Choice awards.

The new app allows users to monitor how they use their data, where they use it most and how much data Onavo’s compression has saved them. The company claims the app can reduce customer’s data usage by up to 80%.

Onavo CEO, Guy Rosen said: “Being named as one of the 18 finalists in TheNextWeb Conference’s Startup Rally is a fantastic achievement for Onavo, especially as we are joined by some great startups in the final round.”

“We believe Onavo stands out because it solves a real pain for smartphone users, especially at events like this conference where people are coming in from all over the world.”

So far the app has received mixed reviews on iTunes. This appears to be due in large part to a perceived problem with running the app on phones using the O2 network. Onavo has since fixed the problem and say that all users should now be able to download the app.

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