hits the 200,000 customer posts mark

More than 200,000 posts from consumers have been left on the social media website as the company aims for the one million mark.

Over 22,000 members are registered on the site which was established in 2009 to provide forums and advice on all aspects of cruising.

Managing director Seamus Conlon, who also runs retailer, said: “We’ve seen the site grow steadily over the last two years, independently of our main cruise-based travel agent business.

“The website is a standalone resource which positions our business as an industry leader. Importantly, our users see the site as an impartial resource where they can ask questions and receive unbiased advice from passengers just like them.

“We were lucky that as earlier adopters of ‘social media’ we were able to grow the website into one of the top travel sites in Europe at a time when the market really didn’t have any other competitors.
“Our long term aim is to keep ahead of the technology and introduce more functionality for our 22,000 registered members as well as the hundreds of thousands of casual browsers who come to the site each year.

“We’ve also got a fast growing Facebook and Twitter presence, which is also seeing a growth in users and our resources will be looking at growing these further.

“It took us just over a year to get to the first 100,000 posts and only six months time to get to this stage – we’re looking to the million which doesn’t seem so far away.”

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