Wheretosleep.com sets sights on short-term rental space

New short-term rental site Wheretosleep.com aims to position itself as a cheaper alternative to existing players when it launches later this month.

Like its competitors, the site offers apartment owners the chance to rent out space to people looking for an alternative to hotels.

Wheretosleep.com founder Yannick Pons said Wheretosleep.com will provide an affordable alternative to higher-priced services such as HouseTrip and OneFineStay

Wheretosleep.com homepage

“We allow people to find accommodations that are cheaper than a hotel. If you rent your apartment or your room in your apartment if you share an apartment, you do not offer the same services as a hotel,” Pons said.

“It is not the same service, but it is way cheaper. If you look in London using our service, you will be able to find accommodations under £50 a night. Then there are rooms under £25 a night, maybe less.”

Pons said this is much cheaper than renting an apartment from one of the other short term rental sites.

Along with low prices, Pons said Wheretosleep.com will offer the average traveller rooms in destinations that many other travel companies lack, such as smaller cities like Birmingham, Nottingham and Leeds.

Wheretosleep.com will have a global presence from launch, with sites dedicated to France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, the US and Australia.

The site currently has 1,000 apartments listed and hopes to increase that to 5,000 by mid-July. The site also has its own funding provided by several existing businesses under the same leadership. That has provided Wheretosleep.com with between £1 million and £2 million in start-up funding.

Pons said that, while he was very happy with the funding, his main concern is building the best possible product. “I want Wheretosleep.com to be to the hotel and short term rental industry, what easyJet has been to the airline industry. Which means revolutionizing the way people travel,” Pons said. 

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