SocialStay offers mobile networking for hotel guests

SocialStay is offering hotel guests new social media services with its app and app management software. The company’s software allows users to interact with both hotel staff and each other from their mobiles.

The SocialStay platform is still in beta, but has already been adopted by a number of upmarket hotels, such as the Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara.

SocialStay’s tools include profiles, comments, news feeds, a list of who is checked into the hotel and messaging services.

“For guests, it’s like having the hotel in their pocket everywhere they go,” said Laura McIver, General Manager of the Canary Hotel.

“Guests can access information, order services, and communicate with other guests and the hotel, but in a more convenient and fun way. For Canary Hotel, SocialStay becomes a valuable communication and marketing channel that drives increased revenue and much more.” 

“SocialStay has figured out how the physical and social world collide, making the hotel’s sellable inventory more appealing and accessible to the guest and turning the “buying” aspect of it into a social experience,” said founder Seth Epstein.

“We’re excited to be delivering this valuable access to the consumer in an extremely easy way. Our app aggregates all the information and improves the guests’ stay at hotel, improves the hotel’s ability to serve the guests and creates a closer relationship – it feels very VIP.”

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