WhenTheMeetingsOver offers Facebook networking for professionals

WhenTheMeetingsOver.com is providing business people with a new kind of social networking for professionals who are short on time but want to link up with like-minded people while overseas on business trips.

Stuart Dawson, chief executive of WTMO said: “WTMO embraces the fact that we are all busy and provides an environment to optimise our time online whether that’s networking, arranging a night with friends or looking for something different in a new city.

“It’s not designed for the Facebook generation of soul-baring wall writers, but for professionals that require a purpose-built social network to enhance their work/life balance.”

Currently the site provides its members with the latest business and lifestyle content through its city guides and blogs. This includes categories such as Business, Fashion, Sport, Entertainment, Travel, Food & Drink, Technology and Current Affairs.

Dawson said WTMO fills a gap between Facebook and LinkedIn. He hopes to exploit this and provide professionals worldwide with a new way to connect.

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