Hipmunk’s ‘cool sliders’ add date flexibility to searches

Flight and hotel search service Hipmunk has rolled out a new function that adds flexibility to users’ date criteria.

The new system lets users specify how many days before or after their preferred date they would consider flying by clicking “+” and “–“ buttons.

Hipmunk flexible date search - date criteria

Users can also just type in “+1” or “-2” to achieve the same results. On searching, the user is shown all available flights over the specified timeline.

Hipmunk flexible date search - search results

When viewing flight search results, customers can use sliders to make adjustments to their date range – a feature Hipmunk co-founder and CEO Adam Goldstein calls “the cool part”.

For example, a user who cannot leave San Francisco before 2:45 PM on the 20th but has to be in New York by 6:20 PM on the 21st can see only the flights that are within that range, even though it spans multiple days.

Hipmunk flexible date search - refining criteria

Goldstein said the new features “help take the agony out of flexible-day searching; no longer will people have to open multiple tabs.”

“And it’ll take some of the agony out of our lives, too, since we can stop telling people the feature is ‘coming soon.'”

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