Multicom releases updated version of sales system

Travel software specialists Multicom has released the latest iteration of its web based sales system. The new platform, dubbed FaBrix V6, is said to have been designed to “clinch the deal” for  travel agents.

It contains new developments to improve SEO and provides users with the ability to upsell. This means the program is able to offer customers recommendations for future purchases, based on what they have added to their basket. 

Upsell products include flights, accommodation, car hire, parking and transfers. The goal of all this is to improving profitability and conversion.

Multicom executive director Andy Tidy said: “We are determined to be market leaders in this field as we are with our core FaB aggregation product, and will continue to roll out enhanced versions of FaBrix as they become available to ensure all customers have access to the latest available features.”

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