Travel search spend and ROI rose in Q1, says Efficient Frontier

UK travel search spending and ROI rose in the first quarter of 2011, according to a new report from digital performance marketing company Efficient Frontier.

The report, which covers the first quarter of 2011, found an 8% year-on-year increase in search spending in the UK. Overall return on investment was shown to have increased by 14% year on year.

The report notes that: “Unlike the U.S., where the travel industry has declined, the overall demand for travel has increased in the UK, with spend in the travel sector growing year on year due to impressions and click growth. ROI in travel has increased year on year, indicating strong consumer buying intentions.”

This has been magnified by the success of Facebook. The social network gives marketers a new medium to reach consumers and spend money.

According to the report: “We have seen momentum and growth in Facebook advertising throughout the last few quarters. Advertisers are eager to take advantage of the full capabilities in the Facebook Marketplace to engage with their fans and promote their brands.”

“Because of this, spend on Facebook is growing. Our analysis shows CPCs have grown by 40% quarter on quarter, indicating that Facebook is becoming more competitive as advertisers realize its tremendous value.”

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