Thomson opens eco channel

Thomson opens eco channel

Thomson has launched a dedicated “eco” section on its website to provide information to users about environmental aspects of their holidays and travel.

The launch of the new channel on will coincide with a survey of users to evaluate how much effect growing concerns about the environment are having on the buying habits of consumers.

Thomson will also display its efforts in the area of sustainable tourism by revealing its various initiatives to support environments and communities affected by its activities.

Corporate responsibility manager at, Kimberley Kay, said, “People who are busy recycling during their day to day lives, saving energy and restricting their use of water and buying local organic produce to support local farmers are increasingly wanting their travel to be built on the same principles.

Thomson has admitted that despite running a string of conservation projects for years there has been desire by consumers to understand more about its activities.

“By gathering this information together and putting it online people will now be able to find this information quickly and easily,” Kay said.

The development follows a surge of interest in the area of conservation and sustainable tourism in recent years, spearheaded by criticism of the airline and travel industry by environmentalists. will provide information about the performance of aircraft and environmental monitoring of hotels.

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