Marketer hotels and Utell team up in Egypt

Egyptian marketing company Marketer has contracted reservation services provider Utell to run its hotel booking services.

The agreement will connect Marketer’s hotels to the global distribution systems (GDSs) and alternative distribution systems (ADS) via the Pegasus Solutions switch.

It supports business from travel agencies, global travel management companies (TMCs), corporations, and consortia agency groups.

Marketer will also implement Pegasus’ Internet booking engine, NetBooker NG to drive growth of Internet bookings for its hotels directly from consumers.

“This relationship is a win-win for both Marketer and Utell, who together will soon make hotels in famous oases like Siwa, Dakhla and Kharga available through online channels for the first time,” said Avelina Iglesias, vice president of sales and account management in EMEA for Utell Hotels and Resorts.

“Marketer has enlisted Utell Connect for our proven reservation and global distribution services, while also tapping Pegasus’ powerful booking engine to sell hotels internationally to the right booking audience. Utell benefits from the addition of several sought-after Red Sea properties in a region we’re currently focused on developing.”

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