Survey reveals enthusiasm for QR codes

A survey by MGH Modern Marketing has found that 70% of smartphone users have used or plan to use QR codes.

The survey, which tested how memorable the codes were, found 72% of those surveyed said they would be likely to recall an ad associated with a QR code.

MGH said this was because QR codes are an increasingly popular form of mobile marketing, which allows brands to engage with consumers in direct, personalised and interactive ways.

MGH president, Andy Malis, said: “While QR code usage is growing in popularity, it’s still a relatively new marketing tactic with little to no statistics out there about how consumers are using them.

“MGH wanted to conduct this survey to uncover how consumers with smartphones are using QR codes and gather insights on what would drive them to interact with an ad – be it a discount or YouTube video.

“These results demonstrate that consumers are embracing the mobile marketing tactic, and even those who haven’t used QR codes are interested in engaging with them – for a variety of motivators that marketers should pay attention to.”

The two most popular reasons users cited for interacting with the codes were to get a deal or a coupon.

In the survey, MGH concluded that people are interested in interacting with advertisements that have QR codes, making them a valuable advertising and marketing tool.

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