charts Wi-Fi availability on the waves has released the findings of a study detailing the level of Wi-Fi coverage on cruise ships and what lines charge guests for internet access.

The research shows that, while many lines may offer wireless internet access, not all ships are equal. There are big differences in pricing and availability making some ships far more attractive to internet users than others.

Of the 16 cruise lines studied, Italian-style Carnival operator Costa Cruises had the most comprehensive package that did not include joining a loyalty program. It had internet available all over its ships at 50p per minute. Most other lines provided wireless connections but either at a higher price or in a more restricted area.

In its report, said: “You only have to look at the Wi-Fi hotspots onboard to see iPads and laptops now being commonplace on any cruise. As with any additional service, cruise lines can make extra revenue, but some, like Cunard, Celebrity and Princess do include free internet access within their loyalty programmes which can be a great cost saving.”

“If you are someone who needs to work whilst on a cruise or keep in touch each day, then these offers could be appealing.”

The complete list of cruise Wi-Fi options are listed below.

Azamara Club Cruises  
Fully wireless                                            
From $0.61 per minute plus lower cost packages

Carnival Cruises       
Ship wide wireless and internet cafe    
From $0.75 per minute plus lower cost packages
Celebrity Cruises
No Wi-Fi but some cabin connection and Internet Cafe
Captains Club Elite – 90 minutes free. From $0.75 per minute
Costa Cruises
Wi-Fi across all areas including cabins
From $0.50 per minute.
Cunard Cruises
Internet Centre and Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas
Between two and eight hours free for Cunard loyalty members. From $0.75 per minute plus lower packages
Cruise & Maritime
Internet Cafe only
Cost – not available
Wi-Fi available around the library area
25p per minute.
Holland America Line
Wireless hotspots plus Internet cafe
$3.95 activation fee and then from $0.75 per minute
Various Wi-Fi hotspots around ship
Costs vary depending on data download
Norwegian Cruise Line
Various Wi-Fi hotspots around ship
Pay as you go from $0.75 per minute plus lower cost packages
Oceania Cruises
Wi-Fi available around the ship
Costs – not available
P&O Cruises
Wi-Fi available on selective decks
Account activation £2.50, then 50p per minute.
Princess Cruises
Wi-Fi available in staterooms and public areas; free access to suites.
Platinum members minimum of 150 minutes free.
Also pay as you go from $.75 per minute
Regent Seven Seas
Throughout the ship and most suites
‘Nominal fee’ payable onboard.
Royal Caribbean
Six designated hotspots which may vary from ship to ship.
From $0.65 per minute plus low cost packages
Wi-Fi available in certain areas
From 26p per minute.

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