Amadeus identifies the technology to solve airport hassles

A new report from Amadeus has identified emerging technologies that the GDS and technology suppliers says will solve current airport woes. The new gadgets have been selected to tackle the three largest problems reported by air travellers.

These are, improvements in disruption management, information services and airport experience. The report, which was authored by Travel Tech Consulting Inc, predicts that by 2020 these problems will be consigned to history.

While 43% of current customers said that disruption management needed significant improvement the report predicts that one touch check in and near field communications (NFC) will help manage this problem and streamline airport processes.

Specifically, one touch check in will eliminate queues and NFC will allow airlines to track passengers through the airport. Baggage problems will also be a thing of the past with RFID tags.

These little gadgets can use low power radio frequencies to communicate baggage details and frequent flyer information. They will allow customers to locate baggage in real time and provide a permanent solution to current paper tags.

Finally, the report predicts that roaming agents with tablet computers will be able to provide customers with up to the minute information and ease congestion at check in. Norm Rose, Travel Tech Consulting president the report’s author said, “It is clear that self service and mobility are key themes of the airport of tomorrow.”

“Ubiquitous connectivity means the passenger is always online and therefore in turn expects real-time communication. Even simple advances such as verifying that a passenger’s baggage is on-board the aircraft can greatly help to minimise frustration and uncertainty.”

“That said, in order to genuinely achieve this vision of the airport of tomorrow, airlines and airports must invest in new systems that automate manual tasks, share information and provide proactive communication to the passenger.”

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