cuts costs for hotels

A new company called is helping hotels cut costs with green solutions, offering a tailored service that is designed to reduce waste without restricting use. is attempting to capitalise on findings by the Carbon Trust, which estimates that green solutions could save the hotel sector 20%. That is about £200 million across the sector.

Mark Sait, Founder and director, said, “ has been developed to offer hoteliers a simple and measurable answer to the issues of spiraling costs and environmental responsibilities.”

“We have done the hard work by testing and selecting the most relevant products in live hotel environments to remove choice anxiety and offer a simple set of products that deliver real results without effecting guest experience.”

“This gives us the confidence to offer hoteliers a capital-free payment option, meaning we simply share in the savings you make, and offer peace of mind through consistency in product and installation for the smallest bed and breakfast, through to boutique hotels and the largest chains.”

The company has already had some initial success with larger hotel chains.

Simon Pearson, Regional Chief Engineer UK South East and London, Radisson Blu, said, “We worked with in trialling and testing the recommended energy saving solutions such as the HVAC control.

We were delighted with the resulting data, which not only showed excellent energy saving benefits, but also the real world savings potential that these simple products can generate, without affecting the guest’s experience.”

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