HolidayCrowd connects customers and agents

Travel startup HolidayCrowd is connecting agents and travellers with its new croudsourcing travel site.

The company has set up a service that allows customers to explain what type of vacation they want.

Agents can then take that information and compile a matching itinerary.

The customer then finds their favourite itinerary and is connected with the corresponding agent.

This service is free and provides expert help for travellers and allows agents to make bookings anywhere in the world.

Ryan Pasco, founder of HolidayCrowd said, “HolidayCrowd opens up a plethora of opportunities for travel agencies, and travellers.”

“I hope by allowing high street travel agents to compete with the big players of the online travel industry, customers will reap incredible results – specialist knowledge, personalized deals, great customer service, the list goes on!”

HolidayCrowd is not the first site to use croudsourcing to connect agents and travellers. works along the same lines and both sites are similar to a U.S. company called Tripology.

With more competition from large travel companies, Pasco believes sites like HolidayCrowd give smaller travel agents and agencies the opportunity to compete.

The sites also satisfy the needs of travellers who want to book online but would still like the benefits of booking through an agent.

Since March 16 has generated over 80 live trip requests from over 120 travellers in 30 countries.

The company has booked £200,000 worth of potential business for travel agents.

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