Price is more important than destination for holidaymakers

A new Survey from Travelzoo has found that 64% of people say hotel prices are more important than the destination when choosing holidays.

The survey, which examined consumer behaviour, found that most holiday planning was based on price and user reviews.

Of those surveyed, 93% compared prices before booking and 81% used hotel review sites.

Conversely, only 21% of customers saw the hotel brand as important.

That means savvy hotels should be lowering prices and working towards better online reviews.

Joel Brandon-Bravo, managing director of Travelzoo UK said, “People are becoming much more price-conscious and may base their whole destination choice on finding a good-value hotel.”

“We can also see that people are happy to try new hotels and lesser-known brands if it means getting more for their money.”

“However, hoteliers cannot underestimate the value of positive reviews; every effort should be made to ensure that customer service and facilities are well maintained.”

This is because a full 50% of those surveyed said they are most influenced by reviews from former guests.

As customers become more dependent on online reviews and information, hotels will need to carefully manage their web presence.

That means resolving negative online reviews, rewarding feedback and insuring that online pricing is competitive and up to date. 

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