Amadeus creates tips for online success

Amadeus creates tips for online success

GDS and technology provider Amadeus has produced a set of guidelines for using the internet and technology to improve customer service.

The ten “tips” have been created by Amadeus to support travel agents as consumers embrace the web and become savvier with the tools available online.

Agencies must ensure customers can interact at any time with the business and websites should be promoted heavily, Amadeus said.

The GDS also advised agents that the Contact Us feature of a website should be prominent and always accessible.

“It’s easy to get carried away with strategy and forget the basic,” the list advised. “Ensure customers can readily see how to contact you for a callback or email response to their queries.”

Marketing communications manager at Amadeus UK, Rob Golledge, said: “It is only natural to focus on how technology can benefit the user, but the potential it offers for improving customer service cannot be ignored.

“When travel agents and technology partners put their heads together, they often come up with novel ways of adapting existing technology.”

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