Orbitz for Business launches train service with SilverRail

Orbitz for Business has added rail search and bookings through a partnership with the bookings search company SilverRail.

The new agreement allows Orbitz business customers to plan and book rail travel through the Orbitz for Business tool. Currently the service is only available in the US but there are plans to expand into Europe and Canada.

“Many of our customers in regions like the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US have a preference for rail over short distance flights,” said Frank Petito, president, Orbitz for Business.

“In order to better serve these customers, the SilverRail partnership allows Orbitz for Business to deliver a more comprehensive set of travel products with the scale and flexibility to expand our rail offerings in the future.”

The announcement marks the launch of a broad, multi-phase rail implementation strategy for Orbitz for Business. Customers can now search and purchase US rail travel on Amtrak through a single online booking path.

Travellers can access itineraries for all Amtrak routes and destinations in the US and cancel their reservation online when business or trip requirements change.

Additionally, travel managers have access to company-specific reporting for all new Amtrak bookings. Orbitz said it is planning further enhancements later this year.

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