New holiday research concept launched by

Beach search site has launched giving travellers a way to research the best beaches. The site lists hand-picked beaches in the UK and across the Mediterranean.

Along with beach locations, the site provides information from researches, writers and photographers to help people find the perfect coastal getaway.

“The idea for Findmybeach came from personal experience,” said Mirella Salomone, co-founder of Findmybeach.  “We tried to plan a fly-drive holiday through Italy, basing our stops around great beaches to get the sun and sand we craved.

“Imagine our surprise when all we could find was concrete information about individual beaches. Even the basics, like a sand vs. a pebble beach – were missing.

“We discovered it’s the same everywhere. It’s now become our mission to help fellow travellers find exactly the type of beach they’re looking for.”

The site currently has information on 187 beaches in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Balkans and Turkey. Each beach is classified to allow users to find everything from the family friendly to the ultra chic.

“Our goal is to inspire users who are looking for the perfect beach holiday, and help them research, plan, book and budget with total confidence,” said Martin Koderisch, co-founder of Findmybeach.

“Ultimately, we want people who are seeking a great beach experience to come to Findmybeach, and have it be seen as an authoritative and trusted website for everything they need, from recommendations to accurate information.”

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