Airlines keeping vital data from staff, survey finds

Research has found that only 11% of key airline staff have access to up to date operational data despite increasing demands for information from customers.

Progress Software Corporation, which carried out the study, said its findings mean most key staff are not given access to information about things like baggage rates, missed connections and cancelled flights.

Of the 81 airline operations managers surveyed, only 15% felt they always had access to the information they needed.

Joshua Norrid, VP of travel and leisure at Progress Software, said: “Growing pressure on airlines means they must now seek enhanced visibility in an increasingly dynamic and challenging environment.

“They also need to become much more active and responsive in the way their operations meet customer demands. This approach is the only way they will survive and adapt to new business opportunities.”

While most people surveyed wanted more information, few of them said they had the flexibility to react to unexpected events. However, 85% of those surveyed stated the amount of information that goes into decision making is increasing.

Norrid added: “The good news is that the majority of the airline industry is waking up to the importance of plugging key decision makers into a unified and interactive environment to view their operations. 

“This gives them the ability to respond in real time to unexpected situations and improve their business.”

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