Survey finds web troubles are firms’ biggest worry

A survey conducted by Triometric at Travel Technology Europe has confirmed most industry officials see online performance as crucial to growth.

Of those surveyed, 78% said they worried slow or unresponsive online services resulted in loss of revenue. A further 54% said poor online performance would lead to increased calls to help desks and customer service centres.

Jonathan Boffey, business development director at web user monitoring software company, Triometric said: “Most travel companies rely on a website, XML services or extranet to conduct profitable business.

“This survey shows that in 2011, the web will continue to stimulate economic growth, however, these businesses could face large revenue losses if they are not able to monitor performance down to customer transactional level.

“Besides improving response times and uptime, this level of monitoring gives visibility over both customer experience and behaviour.”

While 83% of those surveyed said the ability to see the customer experience would be valuable, 41% of respondents did not use any performance monitoring product.

The survey found that, without the ability to track results, companies were much more likely to spend the majority of their problem resolution time simply looking for troubles rather than fixing them.

“While the time spent looking for the cause of a problem is frequently underestimated, it is easy to see that being able to identify a problem quickly rather than having to spend time, resource and budget looking for it in the first place, means more profitability for a business,” said Boffey.

“This survey demonstrates that a web and web services diagnostic solution would add value to nearly all on-line travel businesses.”

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