Thomson Al Fresco introduces customer video chat

Thomson Al Fresco has introduced a new live video chat feature on its website allowing customers to engage in live, face-to-face video conversations with members of its sales team.

The service, which is provided by Vee24, is clained to be the first of its kind in the UK travel industry. It uses a Veedesk which is much like a miniature broadcasting studio.

Alfresco employees using the Veedesk can immediately respond to requests for assistance from customers. They are able to answer questions, provide advice and even take over navigation of the site for a customer to show them different features and options.

Lynn Bailey, Thomson Al Fresco’s call centre manager, said: “Staff love the interaction they have with their customers. Customers have been so complimentary about the Veedesk and how it helps them with the booking process or obtaining information. Since we went live bookings have increased, we are really pleased and the team is really enjoying working on the Veedesk.”

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