Hipmunk launches “ecstasy” hotel search

Flight search startup Hipmunk has partnered with Airbnb.com to provide a new way to search for hotels based around mapping software, hotel ratings and something called ‘ecstasy search’.

Like Hipmunk’s ‘agony’ flight search, ecstasy filters hotel search results by price, Yelp reviews and amenities. “Users have been asking for an agony-free hotel search since the day we launched,” said Adam Goldstein, co-founder and chief executive of Hipmunk.

“We’ve re-thought the hotel search experience, and have built some incredibly useful features to help people find the best hotel for their stay.”

Among the unique features on Hipmunk’s hotel search is the ability to sort the map of hotels by interests including nightlife, tourist attractions, or even vice. All search results are shown on a map and colour-coded by price relative to other hotels in the area.

The service also clusters nearby hotel and Airbnb listings so users can see where other accommodations are located. The search is powered by several companies, including Orbitz and HotelsCombined.

Over time, Hipmunk will be adding links directly to hotel companies, as it has done for airlines in its flight search product, said Goldstein.

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