Ryanair agrees to demand for price transparency

Irish Lowcost carrier Ryanair has agreed to display full inclusive ticket prices for its flights upfront on its website from June 1.

Ryanair will join lowcost rivals in improving price transparency including easyJet, Monarch Airlines, bmibaby and Flybe that we praised by the CAA for changes already made to their websites. Jet2.com has agreed to display full prices up front by April 28.

The UK regulatory authority said it has been working with airlines to improve the way compulsory fees and taxes are displayed up front.

It said it has been working with a range of airlines flying from UK airports to ensure they are displaying prices clearly.  The authority added BA, Virgin, BMI, as well as other traditional airlines all comply with their obligations to do so.

And it added that it welcomed steps taken by easyJet as an early stage in the process to amend its website and changes made by Monarch Airlines, bmibaby and Flybe to display the final, inclusive price at all times.

Iain Osborne, CAA group director of regulatory policy, said: “The difference between the price holidaymakers might see when they first search for a flight and the lowest price actually available can be £100 or more for a family of four.

“Consumers should be presented with clear information about the price of their flight throughout the booking process, so they can make fair comparisons between different airlines.

“Most airlines have changed their websites and adverts to include all unavoidable charges, and Ryanair and Jet2.com are committed to doing so by summer. In the meantime holidaymakers should follow our Top Tips for Tickets and be aware that headline prices may not include unavoidable costs in some cases.”

The CAA’s top tops include:

1.      Because there are many excellent prices on offer, always shop around for the best deal and check you are comparing like with like before you book.

2.      Check whether the prices on the screen are the final prices before committing yourself.

3.      When booking your ticket, make sure you are only paying for things you want –  travel insurance, reserving a seat, or hold baggage are common optional extras.

4.      Before you confirm your booking, double-check all the details, especially travellers’ names and flight dates, as many airlines charge to change them later.


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