Skyscanner poll confirms influence of Facebook and photos

A Skyscanner poll has found 52% of people who saw pictures of friends on holidays on Facebook were inspired to book a holiday to the same place.

The research confirmed the already widely accepted view that people are very influenced by freinds’ recommendations posted on sites like Facebook and images. Of those surveyed, 88% said they loved to look through friends’ pictures.

Skyscanner said that makes Facebook more attractive targets for travel advertising. Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor said: “They say a picture is worth a thousand words and here is the proof.

“Facebook is the perfect platform for two very powerful influencers of travel; a personal recommendation combined with alluring images.

“From Orlando to Australia, seeing our friends’ adventures can certainly plant a seed that later leads to a trip to somewhere you never previously thought about visiting.”

Along with increasing the desire for independent travel, the poll found 45% of those surveyed said Facebook encouraged them to visit friends who were already travelling abroad.

Another 46% of people have either organised or been invited on a trip via Facebook highlighting the growing need for the travel industry to stay involved in social media.

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